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processes and products for brands leading toward jeans sustainability

Let’s leap together towards a sustainable future by taking green steps. You can help your customers make intelligent choices by educating them about the impact of sustainable fashion. The choice is theirs but the options given to them should be limitless, like our “Reborn” collection that covers 100% recycled products.

  • We are on a quest to change the mindsets of people regarding sustainability. Together we can educate the masses and promote sustainable fashion made out of fibers from alternate sources, processed with lesser water consumption, energy and reduce your and our carbon footprint.
  • Introducing more sustainable dyes and washes with the latest techniques and best equipment.

Featured products:


For us even Impossible says IM-Possible. After rigorous experimentation and numerous trials, we were able to curate a 100% recycled product without disturbing its physical parameters. Our Reborn product is 100% sustainable denim with authentic denim character made with both natural and synthetic green fibers, sustainable dyeing, and finishing processes. There is no virgin material used in its making.

Vintage Green

We like to be modern and adaptive. But at the same time, we hold on to our tradition, our heritage of denim. The US Denim Mills is amongst the only few textile companies that still have vintage shuttle looms in working condition. Vintage is timeless and so is our Vintage Green product line combining heritage shuttle loom with hemp fibers. Together we can create a better impact in making this world a better place to live for all of us and future-proof our generations to come. Check out our collection now to get amazed by our sustainable denim collection.