Concepts | Dulcet

sweet songs in real softness spun from harmony of tech and nature

Riche de dulcet… is everything about softness and comfy feel without compromising the real jeans character of the product. In a disposable age, a real, soft, and smooth denim experience is something we live for.

  • Our perfect recipe for this collection combines all the goodness that makes jeans feel luxurious and buttery soft without losing their vibrancy and shape.
  • A match made in heaven; softest sustainable alternative plant fiber blended with cotton for breathability.
  • Spun, woven, and finished for natural long-lasting caress with enhanced recovery for stretch stability.

Featured products:


Authentic look and soft to touch – yes you can have it all. Our ‘fusion’ is your complete denim experience.

Butter Denim

As the name implies, get ready to feel the buttery soft texture of denim. We know this is unheard of, but this is what we have created by using special yarns, different construction of the fabric. You imagine it and we have it ready in a full range of weights.