Across US Denim, we’re committed to the long-term safety, good health and wellbeing of all employees. People who work with us know they’ll have a good wage along with access to subsidized meals and free-of-cost transport. They enjoy scholarships for their children for higher education. And our staff sees the concern about their safety in regular fire safety training and drills, and in our proper maintenance of equipment and facilities.

For our employees, we have introduced residential housing assistance. We provide free meals for 2000 workers, three times a day as well as a subsidized food shop. Employees receive free medical coverage for their families.

We’re now involved with a major brand in a pilot Workers Wellbeing Initiative that has us partnering with the Health and Nutrition Development NGO, and with the Business for Social Responsibility group to target economic empowerment, good health and family well-being, equality and acceptance, educational and professional development, and access to a safe and healthy environment.


As part of the US Group, US Denim is also socially responsible. In the larger community:

  • We’re very involved in supporting local health care. We sponsor five free dispensaries in different parts of Lahore serving 10,000 patients a month. We provide funding and management of a 100 bed hospital our region. And we’ve built a dedicated patient ward in a local cancer hospital, a research centre in another hospital here, and a 60-bed hospital for dengue patients.
  • We’re also helping with education, and have built a half dozen schools so far.