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legacy looms revamped to revive new versions of real denim style

Time to ‘flex’ your products with our hyper stretch, super-fast recovery, and comfy wear denim concept. Here’s why:

  • This is the fabric of your dreams and legit one-stop solution for the most wanted denim qualities like a hyper stretch, excellent recovery, better shrinkage, and super shape retention in final garments by using advanced technologies & innovative material.
  • We have taken our style game up a notch for your diverse customers and inclusion perspective.
  • Enable your customers to ‘flex’ fashionably with freedom and spoiled with options.

Featured products:


We are promising you 90% - or more stretch recovery with this product. We have achieved this unique feature by using innovative yarns along with unique fiber construction to get super-fast recovery from hyper stretch.


For us, clear twill lines equals denim authenticity. If you too feel the same way, get ready to be amazed by added comfort in hyperflex denim. This is how we ‘flex’ our collection. Check out our collection now.