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It is all about authenticity! We know the value of credibility and legitimacy and our ‘authentic appeal’ collection reflects vintage benefitting from fashion nostalgia. Here are some of the highlights of this collection

  • While maintaining the genuineness that is the established hallmark of denim, our collection is fun, authentic, and weight-diverse. Just the way your modern customer wants.
  • TrophyFlex with all its incredible durability, the 1970s look and feel with modern-day ease, shape with unique and irregular slub aesthetics which are different from conventional ring slub.
  • Authentic denim options with bold indigo textures and brighter twill line with comfort stretch using special synthetic yarns.
  • A whole new range of selvedge options for you to choose from alternate, natural, or recycled fibers and blends.
  • Zero compromise on the durability of the fabric and preserving the DNA of denim in the marbling character of the fabric. Without imparting high warp shrinkage. Letting your customers make a long-term investment in a pair of jeans.

Featured Products:


We believe in providing a variety of products and features to our clients. Puzzle will make you question your knowledge about denim in more than one way. Using irregular and unique slub aesthetics, with the ability to look different with each wash. Don’t be puzzled and ask for more information about this new product

Immortal Marble

The marble-crunched effect on jeans makes a statement all on their own. A fun way to add an aesthetic combination of glamor and flexibility to the denim fabric – a sturdy cotton twill that is known for its durability now with added stretch retention. We have redesigned the authenticity of true denim for you to experience modern-day authenticity.

Don’t believe all this? Check out our ‘Authentic Appeal’ products in their full glory!